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Assess research article's quality, credibility and reproducibility.

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With budgets of tens of billions USD, research funders lack data to help choose the scientists who will drive science forward.

R&D institutions and scientists who enjoy funding need to choose the giants on whose shoulders they'll stand.

Raticle provides Inflow, predictive analytics to evaluate both the current and future potential of new research.

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Meet the team

Shahar Shidorsky


Shahar's passion in life is leading teams that build world improving products. At Raticle he's following his passion with an incredible team and field disrupting product.

BSc Physics and Philosophy

MSc Applied Physics

8200 veteran

Founder of the Makers Project

Over 6 years of programming experience

Moshe White


Moshe has a love for truth and a unique talent for math. At Inflow, he's bringing those two together to create and refine our algorithms and get results beyond the cutting edge of science in our field.

BSc Physics and Mathematics, cum laude

MSc Mathematics, cum laude

4 research excellence awards

Yuval Sedan


Yuval has a love for science, a sharp eye for detail, and enjoys the creative process of Raticle using his knowledge and vast experience as a full-stack developer.

BSc Physics and Mathematics

MSc Physics

8200 veteran

Over 12 years of programming experience